70-year-old women dancing at school reunion has the internet saying aww. Watch viral video
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Ever wondered how your school reunion would be? Meeting all the friends you used to spend your entire days with after ages. Think about all the things you would do, all the catching up, all the dancing and all the laughing. Just the thought of it warms our heart.

A recent video of a school reunion in Mangalore with women aged over 70 and dancing like there is no tomorrow has the internet saying, aww. The now-viral video was shared by Manoj Kumar, CEO of Naandi Foundation with the caption, "This video is of a recent School Re-Union in Mangalore. Their minimum age was 70 years! School days were the days of innocence and often school buddies connect with that innocence. The challenge is to stay connected to the child within us."

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  • https://www.indiatoday.in/trending-news/story/70-year-old-women-dancing-at-school-reunion-has-the-internet-saying-aww-watch-viral-video-1591811-2019-08-26
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