New Year Celebration at ETCA Dubai

New Year Celebration at ETCA Dubai

ETCA organised new year celebration at ETCA office Dubai
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Emirates Telangana Cultural Association (ETCA) had organized a New Year celebration at ETCA office Dubai. President Mr. Satyam Radarapu, ETCA founder Kiran Kumar Peechara, Vice President Aravind babu Members : Naresh manyam, Bharadvaj vala, Surrender rao, Aravind bodla, Raj kiran, Naresh alluru, Lokesh, Sudhakar reddy, Bharath yadav where present along with members and non members of ETCA , NRI TRS CELL UAE and Telangana Jagruthi UAE have graced the occasion which Incidentally happen to be the Birthday celebration of the ETCA President Mr.Satyam.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Satyam Conveyed New Year wishes and sincere thanks to all ETCA members, Mr Satyam said: As we wrap up an eventful year 2018 and shift our momentum into the next calendar year. The past 12 months have been marked by noteworthy achievement and change. As we reflect on the past year, I believe that we have many reasons to have enormous pride in our accomplishments and look forward with enthusiasm to next year at the Emirates Telangana Cultural Association. Last year we saw many instances of our association outstanding reputation. The most recent flower festival and awareness campaigns were the most prepared and succeeded in our community’s history. We are in the process of performing several awareness campaigns in 2019, in meeting our needs for skill development and training programs, which is assigned to take over our by Vice President and Representative of ETCA and UAE Telangana Jagruthi Mr. Arvind Babu Yadav Ragam and by ETCA Founder Kiran Kumar Peechara . We are determined to provide the quality environment deserved by our lead group heads.
Indeed, we have so many points which are proud moments of pride and there are more than enough to justify enormous optimism as we move forward. We will maintain our momentum and actively work to shape our own future as one of the best associations. We will continue to engage actively in the new initiative program to create institutional boards for ETCA and Telangana UAE Jagruthi. This is a great association. Thanks for being part of my birthday and 2019 New year celebrations and thanks so much for helping to make the past year so memorable. I invite you to join me in anticipating what we will accomplish together in the year to come.

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