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Tom Holland

Tom Holland Thinks Sony’s Spider-Man Movies Could Be Even ‘Bigger And Better’
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t's been a very exciting summer for Marvel fans, as Spider-Man: Far From Homeended Phase Three, and the studio has methodically revealed its plans for the next slate of movies and Disney+ TV shows. But it isn't all good news, as it it seems that Sony and Marvel Studios have reached the end of their agreement, potentially removing Tom Holland's Spider-Man from the MCU forever. The announcement has been a hard pill to swallow, but Holland has been teasing that it has the potential to bring the franchise to bigger and better places.

Tom Holland was as surprised as any of us when it was revealed that Sony and Marvel couldn't reach new terms to keep his signature character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Peter Parker became a fan favorite character during his five appearances within the MCU, so his departure is a major bummer for moviegoers. 

Well, that kind of makes me feel better. Because while Spider-Man's presence in the MCU will be sorely missed, there are new storytelling possibilities that come with him joining Sony's live-action Spider-Verse.

Tom Holland's comments from Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia (via Comic Book) may help to alleviate the Spider-Man related dread that some moviegoers are going through. The character is one of the most popular Marvel heroes, and his inclusion in the MCU with Captain America: Civil War was a major draw of The Russo Brothers' blockbuster. We've seen him grow into a bonafide hero and Avenger, but that journey came to an unexpected end due to negotiations between the two studios.

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